30 June 2016

Another Year Done

At the main square in UB shortly after arriving in Mongolia.
Another year of school is done for my children. When the decision to move to Mongolia from Uganda for the remainder of our first term with MAF we knew that I would need to home school our kids again.

We did not come straight from Uganda to Mongolia, we went through Canada first. While in Canada we began to organize schooling for the kids. They were accepted by a school board in Alberta that offers courses on-line. We are very thankful for this as they were able to do all their LA(Language Arts) on-line. For those of you not familier with Canadian curriculum LA is English class. All the rest of the subjects I taught. I was able to find curriculum for Science, Social Studies(History), and Health. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to get everything for their math. I ordered the math curriculum when we got to Mongolia. Do to a mix up with my order, having to reorder it, and get it shipped to us here in Ulaanbaatar, we were able to start math just before Christmas.

So another year of school is almost done.

The kids and I were able to start school shortly after arriving in Mongolia, once the jet-leg was mostly gone. They have all worked very hard this year and I am very proud of all that they were able to get accomplish by the end. They are going to trying to complete their math before the next year starts so that it is an easier transition next school year

Working hard on their LA

Getting her work done

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