29 July 2013


Wow a lot has happened since I last wrote about "Driving".

I last wrote about life here in Uganda in March.  Then we had a few Birthdays that I mentioned, but a lot more has gone on between then and now.

At the end of March we had two visitors. Dallas' parents came and spent two weeks with us.  It was a lot of fun to show them around and let them see a little of what our lives are like here in Uganda.
Mini Golf Africa style
In April we celebrated Drew's Birthday. one year in Uganda for everyone.  That year seemed to fly by.  I think because everyone settled in so quickly to life here.

Drew opening his remote helicopter 
  May it was Katrina's turn to have a birthday.  In the MAF families here there are six children with birthdays in May, four of then are close to the same age.  Because of this us moms do one party for all of them at the same time.  This way they get many kids at the party and we don't have to have a party every week.  This year we had it were there is a big swimming pool.

Katrina with her Birthday friends
The kids worked really hard in June to finish their school year well.  All of them did great and got WOW Awards for Amazing Progress.  I am very proud for them!  They changed country, school and school curriculum.

Drew is now done with elementary and will be going to secondary next year.

The beginning of July Dallas and I celebrated 13 years of being married.  I got to ride with him as he did the Karamoja shuttle, and then we went out for supper with no kids.

My driver for the day

I am almost done with this long update.

Two weeks ago on the 12th of July we got up early and went to the Entebbe airport to meet a team from one of our home churches. This team had some special people one it for us.  Dallas' older sister and younger brother.  After seeing them at the airport they got on a bus to go up to Karuma to work at an orphanage for a week and a bit.  Then this last Monday they all came back to Kampala for a day and a half before they flew back to Canada.  So we got to spend some time with Tanya and Darren.  Darren stayed for two extra days and went with Dallas on a flight.

That brings us to now.  We are all up to date.