25 May 2013

Katrina Joy

On the 6th of May we had another birthday in our house.  Katrina Joy is now in the double digits with her brother.  Our little Katie is now 10, oh my!
I did this for Drew last month so I thought I would do it for Katrina too.
Katrina Joy

Kind - she always wants to do something nice for you.
Ambitious - willing to do her best.
Thoughtful - thinking of ways to show someone she cares.
Radiant - she seems to always be showing her joy.
Intelligent - catches on to things fairly quickly.
Namesake - Katrina means the same as Karen, and her middle name and mine are the same.
Artistic - has a natural inclination to make her thoughts seen.

Joyful - she is living up to her name.
Observant - catches things quickly and remembers it for a long time. Sometimes I wish she would
                    not remember so much.
Youthful - she is enjoying life.

Happy Birthday Katrina!