5 March 2014

MAF (Missionaries Are Flexible)

This last Christmas had a bit of a twist to it.

We invited the Schlatters, another MAF family, to come share the day with us, and have a Christmas meal together.  They are also a pilot family, have three children too, and the kids all get along well together.  So we would have 10 of us all together for Christmas day.

Then as I was doing Fox Fox (In the phonetic alphabet F is "foxtrot", so "Fox Fox" is short for "flight following") on December 17 we found out that the air space in South Sudan was now closed.  It opened again few days later and MAF started to evacuate people out of South Sudan.

On the Sunday before Christmas we found out that a family of 7 was going to be evacuated on Christmas Eve, and they would be staying with the Schlatter family.  They asked if it would be alright if they joined us for Christmas day.  We said yes it was just fine if they joined us for the day.  We were already planing to do hamburgers for dinner so it was very easy to add a few more.

The makeshift table for the day. Notice the Canadian touch.

Digging in to the food.

The chef!

The kids playing some Wii.

Working of some energy, they played this game for 2 hours.
Another family of 3 was also evacuated at the same time, and they joined us as well.  We end up having 20 people at our house to celebrate the birth of Christ.  It is defiantly a Christmas we will not soon forget. The life of an MAF missionary, flexibility at all times (MAF = Missionaries Are Flexible).