16 July 2015

The School Year

I month ago the kids finished another school year. Little did they know that we were going to be leaving Uganda before the next school year. Here are a few pictures of their year at Acacia International School.

Second day of school

Drew playing some football (soccer)

Jacqueline playing football

Jacqueline with her best friend right after PE

Jacqueline singing her heart out

Katrina performing at the Festival of Arts

Drew performing at the Festival of Arts

Singing at the Festival of Arts

Showing his musical talents

Katrina performing with her dance club

The kids pine racers

Drew getting an award for Science

Katrina getting an award

All ready for Acacia Olympics (sports day)

Drew doing the chair race

Getting ready for the over-under race

The other two getting ready

Katrina singing in choir

Jacqueline singing in choir

Jacqueline getting an award