12 April 2013

Andrew Michael

It is April 12, and this is a big day in this house. It is Drew's 11th Birthday. Eleven years ago today Dallas and I became parents, and what an adventure it has been.

Andrew Michael.....

Adventurous - He is willing to experience new things. 
Namesake - He is named after his Great-grandpa and his Uncle. He thinks it is very cool.
Determined - More so when it comes to sports.
Resourceful - He is always trying to find a way to do things eraser and to make things work.
Easy-going - Does not need to know the plan, willing to make the plan as you go.
Welcoming - He enjoys making people feel at home.

Meek - Gentile with those around him, especially with younger children.
Imaginative - Loves to use his imagination to create things with Lego or to play a game.
Cheerful - You will usually see him with a smile on his face.
Healthy - We thank and praise God for this!
Athletic - He has always been interested in sports and catches on quick, even at the age of three.
Enthusiastic - When it comes to anything but school, but that is starting to change.
Laughter - He always enjoys a good joke.

Happy Birthday Drew!!!