29 February 2016

Back to My Roots

A few weeks ago I sat down to write about how we have dealt with the change in temperature from Uganda to Mongolia. I was almost done and then in a moment of not paying attention I deleted it.

So now I will write it again so you can know how we dealt with the winter weather here in Mongolia.

For Dallas and I we went back to our roots. A good winter jacket, warm boots, a warm toque (Canadian for winter hat), good gloves or mittens, a scarf, and layers. We have learned that if you put on layers you can regulate your warmth. If you have on a few layers you have the option of taking a layer off if you get warm or just putting another layer on if you are not warm enough.

We are now passing this information onto our children and they are learning quickly. They soon realized that if they did what mom and dad suggested they were a lot more comfortable.  

On a shopping trip

My warm boots

No toque in this picture but a warm headband and thick scarf.

My mittens and winter jacket.

This is how we survived our first winter in 4 years.

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